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Life in the Community
Together with a couple of fishermen and their fresh catch, engage in one of the most important local rituals: cooking soup. You will get to meet the fishermen and spend hours cooking and talking together. In the meantime, you will come to see the importance of the humble soup by discovering its history and its role in people’s lives. And perhaps most importantly, you will get to taste a truly delicious meal in a gorgeous location.

Categorized by size, the traditional boats of the Delta’s fishermen were all made of wood and tarred over for waterproofing. They are beautiful constructions that glide better than any modern equivalent. In days past, before engines made their way to this end of the world, they were rowed by skilled men. Learn the craft of rowing a traditional boat on a quiet channel. Who knows, maybe some day you will manage to row for weeks on end, like the fishermen of old!

Winter is long in the Delta, but thankfully summer is plentiful. The local cooks have become incredibly skilled at preserving what summer gives for the exigencies of winter. Learn how to make delicious preserves in the company of the best cooks you’ve ever met.